Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Rhododendron Gardens

Things here in the forest continue as before. We're in mid-spring now (northern-hemispherites should think "April"). The azaleas have bloomed and are nearly done. The rhododendrons are in swing now - and over the last couple of weeks, Stephen and I have started a new exercise routine, which involves walking in the local parks. We've spent a lot of time in the National Rhododendron Gardens up in Olinda.

Here are a couple of photos
This one (above) taken at the large pond just inside the entrance. It was a little overcast the day we were there with our cameras - so the photo just doesn't do it justice.

The hot pink azaleas are just stunning. The photo above
from a couple of weeks ago. The azaleas blooms are starting to fade now.
Who can fail to be charmed by a ladybug? At various spots around the gardens you find these painted rock ladybugs. This one is about 8" across. Most of the "rock bugs" are about this size. Some of them have little antenna painted on their heads and some (not all) have names on the side.

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